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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 9:00 pm 

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We specialize in repair and retrieval technologies used for oil and gas, we have two main technologies called Terra Slicing and Terra Seal.

Also, looking to acquire oil/gas stripper wells. Oil wells ranging from 4-10/bpd and gas 60,000-80,000 cubic feet are suitable candidates. Interested parties please contact me.

Here is some information pasted from our website:

Terra Slicing:

Patented, advanced excavation technology. Terra Slicing cuts two perpendicular slices, through casing and cement, 3-10 ft. deep into formation, using high-pressure abrasive slurry (5000 psi)
Optionally, Terra Slicing can orient the down hole machine, inject chemical reagents, and create fractures. Terra Slicing eliminates near-well bore compaction, cleans formation and increases permeability. Creates pressure drop in near-well bore zone. Creates vertical permeability that does not exist naturally.

Why Consider Terra Slicing?

Poor Pressure Regime Around the Well bore
Conventional drilling & completion technologies cause high pressure, low permeable area to form around the well bore. Often conventional drilling & completion technologies also damage the near-well bore zone.

Terra Slicing Re-Distributes Stress
Vertical “door-frame” sliced design redistributes mechanical stress to the outside tips of the slices. Removing near-well bore stress creates a pressure drop that increases permeability. Excavation expands the drainage surface area.

Terra Seal:

Terra-Seal is a patented abrasive jet cutting completion process to cut smoothly through casing with high-pressure slurry (up to four or more casings).

Terra-Seal is designed to excavate vertical windows in the cement and deep into near wellbore rock in two 180o-phased directions (up to 4 sets).

The Terra-Seal machine is the only downhole tool that can be pre-programmed to control itself at downhole point of engagement and not at surface, including azimuth orientation. This is a big advantage over competing technologies.

The application of Terra-Seal is ideal in any cement squeeze repair of bad casing; new well completion; secondary recovery of oil or gas production from depleted zones; or where previous completion or fracturing was unstable or ineffective; any open-hole or cased wells that have low permeability, low porosity, high pressure, near-wellbore damage, or other production problems; can be run in vertical or horizontal wells; also to improve water-cut & increase production.

You may reach me below:

Mark Novak
Sales Coordinator
Falconridge Oil Canada Ltd.
T. (905) 771-8520 x227
F. (905) 771-0838


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