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Steve Austin - Managing Editor

A computer scientist, Steve specializes in data mining, a handy skill when studying oil data. He also is the site's managing editor.

Merlin Flower - Editor in Chief

Writer and novelist, Merlin Flower reports on news in the Petroleum industry and is the site's editor-in-chief.


Giuseppe Marconi

A retired oil industry veteran, Mr Marconi's regularly contributes article where he shares intelligence and insight on things to be.

Tom Therramus

Tom is a US Medical School Professor and Biologist. Kiwi by accent, education and upbringing, Tom is an outsider to the oil industry who brings a refreshing unbiased scientific perspective on things oil-related.


Our team of professional illustrators and caricaturists brighten serious oil news with a sparkle of humour and flair.


Nyko finds inspiration from the beauty of Tahiti where he lives and brings some of it to oil-price.net